Infused With Music: Trevor Graham

By Shelby Smoak

Bands like Insect Warfare, Napalm Death, 80K, Captain Cleanoff, Deathtoll and Extreme Noise Terror may not be on repeat on the typical stereo, but these heavy-metal/punk bands inspire New Jersey rocker and hemophiliac Trevor Graham to perform with his own grindcore outfit, Organ Dealer.

Trevor OEF.jpg

Grindcore fuses the fast and aggressive music of metal with the brief song length and political discontent stylings of punk. Organ Dealer began with two of Trevor’s friends in 2014, when Trevor donned the bass guitar to add the undercurrent and punch such music depends upon.

Trevor started playing piano at five before joining his school band and making noise on trumpet, flute, clarinet and trombone. But at thirteen he found the guitar and hasn’t looked back. It was probably a good decision since that passion has carried Trevor all over the US and the world. In addition to US tour dates, Trevor has been lucky enough to play shows in France, Germany, England, Wales, Switzerland, and even the Czech Republic, and is currently booking more dates in Europe as well as Australia.


In talking with Trevor, he recalls a high point in his life when playing the Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 in the Czech Republic. “Never in a million years did I expect to be at that fest,” he says, “let alone sharing the same stage with some of the bands I grew up idolizing. The crowd and energy were insane and the biggest event we’ve ever played being it’s the largest grindcore fest in the world.”

Trevor is also lucky that his hemophilia hasn’t held him back. In fact, he remarks that the only annoying thing about his hemophilia is having to cart around his portable sharps container.

“So the loss of some luggage space has been the biggest inconvenience thankfully so far. But he adds that “the occasional conversation reassuring people you’re not shooting up dope in the van” is also a concern for this “legal” intravenous drug user.

Ultimately, music means everything to Trevor. “Everything else I do throughout the week is just so I have the means to do this,” he enthuses. “There’s not much I love more than playing live music and recording.” And for the budding musician out there, Trevor has this advice: “Do it. I am of the firm belief everyone should be playing music at some level. It’s very important to life. Plus, if you’re someone who gets bleeds often it’s not like you’re not going to be sitting around a lot - pick up an instrument and make that time productive!”

For passionate music lovers, Trevor has this advice: “I encourage all [persons with a bleeding disorder] to at least listen to as much music as you can. No matter how you’re feeling, music can always help make things better.” So, drop the needle. Listen to music. Go over to Spotify or iTunes and listen to Organ Dealer and feel better!

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