BioMatrix Scholarships for the Bleeding Disorders Community

We are very excited to announce we have partnered with the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) to administer the BioMatrix Memorial Scholarship program!

Partnering with HFA allows us to streamline and enhance our growing program with an organization that knows and understands the bleeding disorder community.

BioMatrix offers six (6) $1,500 scholarships assisting individuals in the bleeding disorders community seeking higher education. Each opportunity is offered exclusively to several demographics within the bleeding disorder community including women, men, inhibitor patients and immediate family members.

Our streamlined application process allows interested parties to complete one simple application for the multiple scholarships offered. Learn more about each of the available scholarships below.

The scholarship application for 2019 is now open! Application and all supporting materials must be received by HFA no later than August 1, end of day.

BioMatrix educational scholarships honor the memory of several individuals who touched the bleeding disorder community in unique ways.

Joe Holibaugh Headshot


One $1500 scholarship for MEN and WOMEN with hemophilia AND an inhibitor

Joe Holibaugh (1971–2006) Living with severe hemophilia and an inhibitor, Joe met many challenges. He faced these difficulties as opportunities to grow, embracing life fully with his entire being. Joe worked hard to impart this approach to others, bringing many together with his unique style of wit and humor. Joe’s work lives on in the hearts of his many friends and family who loved him dearly. He will always be remembered for his strength, love, and resolve to make a difference for the bleeding disorders community.

Tim Kennedy Headshot


One $1500 scholarship for MEN with hemophilia

Tim Kennedy (1962–2011) Those who knew Tim remember him for his ability to make most anyone smile and share a hearty laugh. Though life had dealt him a rough hand, Tim kept an air about him that was truly inspiring. As a father and husband, the love he showed his two children and wife knew no bounds. As a friend, he was always ready to listen, share, and comfort - most often with his signature sense of humor. As a member of the bleeding disorders community, Tim was devoted to helping his peers look past their health conditions and enjoy every moment of life for all its worth.

Mark Coats Headshot


One $1500 scholarship for MEN and WOMEN with hemophilia

Mark Coats (1956–1963) Just a child when he passed from hemophilia-related issues, Mark was born in an entirely different era of bleeding disorder treatment and was not able to live a near normal life as most people with hemophilia do today. With his smiling eyes and sweet grin, we are reminded that every child deserves a chance to lead a full and happy life. We look to Mark as a reminder of what living with a bleeding disorder was like not that long ago, and how blessed we are for today’s advancements in treatment and therapy.

Millie Gonzalez Headshot


One $1500 scholarship for WOMEN with hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease

Millie Gonzalez (1953–2001) A devoted wife and mother as well as a pioneer dedicated to advocacy, Millie promoted awareness of the unique struggles faced by women with a bleeding disorder and those caring for an individual affected by a bleeding disorder. She was married to Papo Gonzalez, a person with severe hemophilia and well known advocate in his own right, who passed prior to Millie. She was a tireless advocate not only for women, but also for people of Hispanic heritage affected with bleeding disorders. She fought for the inclusion of all people with bleeding disorders. Although loving, compassionate, and gentle, Millie had the heart of a tiger and fought each day for her own survival while inspiring others around her to achieve and succeed.

Ron Niederman Headshot


One $1500 scholarship for MEN with hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease and their immediate family members

Ron Niederman (1950–1999) Ron was born with severe hemophilia during an era of few available medical treatments. He endured the challenges that came his way and faced each with grace and an air of: “I can handle that, no problem.” Ron exemplified the meaning of compassion towards others and practiced more than preached what it meant to be an advocate. He was a great friend and a trusted source of advice and wisdom to all that knew him. Ron’s commitment for the bleeding disorders community was surpassed only by his love for his family.

Mike Hylton Headshot


One $1500 scholarship for MEN with hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease and their immediate family members

Mike Hylton (1945–1998) A man of great character and steadiness, Mike faced some of the most physically daunting and mortal challenges that people with severe hemophilia could encounter. During the blood crisis of the 1980’s, Mike met the challenges with class and a concern for others not only in the bleeding disorders community, but also those affected with HIV. He was a thoughtful, analytical, and spiritual individual - patient and tolerant of others, but certainly willing and capable to express his opinions and beliefs. While some felt it was more important to speak, he knew it was more effective to listen. Mike found great comfort in his faith and family.

Fine Print

An impartial HFA Scholarship Committee will review the applications and decide upon the recipients. Awards are based on criteria including, but not limited to academic merit, a reference letter and essay. Applicants are not required to be past, current, or future customers of BioMatrix or its family of companies.

The BioMatrix Scholarship program is not available to those participating in, or receiving, healthcare coverage from Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, the Veterans Benefits Administration, or any other federal healthcare program.