BioMatrix compounds prescription medications that are not available commercially.

Some medications may require individualized dosing or a different dosage form than the commercial product. Frequently, a commercial product that is temporarily unavailable due to production problems or supply/demand issues can be compounded in our lab.

Whatever the reason, the prescriptions you need can be compounded at our pharmacy.

Our accredited, state-of-the-art compounding labs meet the highest industry standards and prepare a variety of custom formulations.

BioMatrix is a NABP-VPP-Participating Provider. We have a state-of-the-art USP <795>, <797>, and <800> compliant compounding lab and prepare a variety of custom formulations exactly as prescribed. Injectable medications are compounded under sterile conditions and consistently meet the highest industry standards for sterile products.

Our custom compounded prescriptions include:

  • Progesterone injectable Olive Oil Base

  • Progesterone injectable Ethyl Oleate

  • Oral capsules

  • Oral solutions & suspensions – with attention to flavoring (special flavoring for veterinary products)

  • Progesterone suppositories

  • Progesterone capsules

  • Vaginal capsules

  • Injectable intramuscular & subcutaneous solutions

  • Topical creams & gels

  • Suppositories

Questions about compounded medications?