Our nursing team supports treatment success for patients when and where they need it most.

The BioMatrix clinical team includes compassionate nurses who have extensive training and experience with rare diseases and complex medical conditions.

Our nurses work together with patients, pharmacists, and prescribers to coordinate the optimal site of care, conduct nursing interventions, and provide patient education.

Patients with nursing needs receive a primary nursing contact who remains the same throughout therapy.


Site of Care Coordination

Determining the best site of care for patients to receive therapy is an important component of treatment success. Whether administering in-home with assistance from one our infusion nurses, in-office, or at one of our Ambulatory Infusion Centers, our nurses work with patients and prescribers to make therapy administration as safe and convenient as possible. Every nurse who enters a patient’s home is carefully considered ensuring a right fit for the patient, their condition, and individual need.



By synthesizing clinical, social, and drug utilization information, our nursing team implements actionable interventions improving health and saving lives. Our interventions support patient adherence to therapy, reduce side-effects, and help address both critical and every day issues related to life with a chronic health condition.


Patient Education

Patient education is a central component of our services. Where appropriate, the nursing team provides self-administration training for injectable or infusible drugs, allowing patients to more independently manage their condition. Our nurses also provide education and support for patients to maintain adherence to therapy, minimize side-effects, and successfully manage their condition.