Specialty pharmacy programs tailored to your specific needs.

Whether your strategy calls for a limited or exclusive specialty pharmacy network, our flexible array of patient-centered services are customized to your specifications.

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Facilitate access to therapy with supportive services to overcome barriers to care:

  • Overcome financial barriers with services for benefits investigation, prior authorization support, and assistance locating foundation support, when needed.

  • Onboard patients efficiently with the assistance of our highly-skilled intake team and clinicians trained in specific disease states.

  • Engage payers with focused patient support, therapeutic carve-outs, and innovative partnership programs leading to reduced costs and improved outcomes.

Improve patient adherence with high-touch, patient-centered services:

  • Manage the clinical experience with proactive patient outreach, side effect management, and more.

  • Improve compliance and adherence with clinician-supported patient engagement programs.

  • Support the patient treatment journey with 24/7 pharmacist availability and intensive patient and caregiver support services.

Support patients and providers with proactive communication and tools for managing prescriptions:

  • Inform physicians of prescription status and patient events through fully customizable reporting options.

  • Help patients manage their diagnosis with educational, psychological, and social tools.

  • Facilitate patient refills with options including proactive outbound calls.

Gain insight into program performance with detailed, customizable data and reporting:

  • Increase visibility into patient demographics, payer metrics, and program performance.

  • Convenient data access with flexible reporting options including direct access, customizable reports, or uploads to your HUB or data aggregator.