BioMatrix helps payers manage their specialty drug spend.

Given the high-cost of specialty medications, our team utilizes a range of tools to help patients experience optimal clinical outcomes while also controlling cost.

We define success through the improved health of our patients and by creating value across the healthcare continuum. Our services contribute to positive outcomes for patients and the broader healthcare system.

We offer customizable, cost-efficient programs to a variety of customers including employers, unions, TPAs, IPAs, health plans, PBMs, chain drug stores, self-insured markets, medical management networks, brokers, stop-loss insurers, and more.

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We help payers control their specialty spend through:

Adherence Support Icon

Adherence Support

Encouragement of therapy adherence through engaging, educating, and empowering patients to follow medical protocols as prescribed

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Dose-level Monitoring

Ensures the patient receives the correct dose of medication based on desired therapeutic outcome – controlling utilization and minimizing waste

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Frequency-level Monitoring

Measurements completed at specific intervals to track progress of therapy while avoiding adverse events or side-effects

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Waste Minimization Programs

Clinical programs designed to drive out potential waste related to specialty drug use while ensuring appropriateness of prescribed medication and dose

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Site of Care Optimization

Managing the location where specialty drugs are administered, improving care and controlling costs for patients with complex health conditions

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Utilization management program reducing medication waste and controlling cost

BioMatrix centralizes clinical and administrative expertise by therapeutic category, allowing us to provide a focused, high level of service.

Our patient-centric programs are carefully coordinated and customized to best manage the specific health condition and related specialty therapy.

Components of our programs include:

  • Patient assessment and risk stratification

  • Integration of diagnostic and medical data

  • Outcomes reporting

  • Critical pathway management

  • Dedicated clinical support teams

  • Psychosocial assessment and counseling

  • Utilization and dose management

  • Timely access to care

  • Comprehensive patient education

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