BioMatrix helps to manage your specialty spend with support across the patient continuum of care.

We ensure the highest level of treatment efficacy by providing access to a wide array of specialty and limited distribution medications, coupled with proprietary clinical management programs.

Our focus is to be an advocate in the fight to reduce high-cost specialty drug expenditures and analyze valuable data assisting healthcare research and patient outcomes.

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Given the high-cost nature of specialty medications, there is always concern for ensuring cost optimization. Through the BioMatrix Care Management Programs within each of our therapeutically focused Centers of Excellence, we have utilization safeguards in place to ensure that dispensed medication is dosed correctly, and patients are adhering to their prescribed regimen.

These safeguards include:


Dose-level Monitoring


Frequency-level Monitoring


Medication Adherence Support


Waste Minimization Programs




Site of Care Optimization

We offer these customizable, cost-efficient programs to the variety of customers we are partner with including employers, unions, TPAs, IPAs, health plans, PBMs, chain drug stores, self-insured markets, medical management networks, brokers, stop-loss insurers, and more.

Our patient-centric Care Management and Therapy Optimization Programs are delivered through coordination, collaboration, consultation, and customization to specifically manage disease state and related drug therapy – all using our proprietary digital health technology.

Components of our programs include:

  • Patient assessment and risk stratification

  • Integration of diagnostic and medical data

  • Outcomes reporting

  • Critical pathway management

  • Dedicated clinical support teams

  • Psychosocial assessment and counseling

  • Utilization and dose management

  • Timely medication delivery

  • Comprehensive patient education

Each of these components are delivered through our Centers of Excellence composed of specialized healthcare staff, customer service teams, patient care coordinators, and nurse and clinical pharmacists.