BioMatrix provides innovative patient-centric programs that deliver results.

For manufacturers of specialty drugs, we provide timely access to products, innovative, data-driven reporting, and patient support improving adherence and health outcomes.

BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy offers comprehensive nationwide specialty pharmacy and support services for a range of chronic health conditions.

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Our growing family of companies includes accredited pharmacy locations nationwide, with thousands of patients under care. Our services include clinical monitoring, tracking, and management tools required by today’s healthcare stakeholders while providing individualized patient support leading to better health outcomes.

Access to therapy:

Our onboarding team has a deep understanding of payer policies and helps patients and physicians navigate prior authorization and other financial hurdles.

Adherence to therapy:

Our team of clinicians is trained in specific disease states and is supported by custom clinical management programs.

Data-driven results:

Fully customized, detailed reporting solutions providing an understanding of product performance through its lifecycle from pre-launch commercialization, to launch, and through market maturity.

This customizable model is ideal for supporting both limited and exclusive specialty pharmacy programs and for serving the needs of small, orphan, or ultra-orphan patient populations.

Our partnership model includes:

Clinical Outreach Icon


Discussions about disease and therapy management

Patient Support Icon

Patient Support

Patient-centric services backed by nationally recognized specialty pharmacy accreditations

Physician Services Icon


Recognizing the importance of speed to therapy, we surpass the expectations of our customers by working through each patient’s unique complexities of therapy initiation

Superior Adherence Icon

Superior Adherence

Timed interventions ensure appropriate clinical management to maintain continuity of therapy for each patient

Comprehensive Reporting Icon

Comprehensive Reporting

Customizable options to provide insight into program performance

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Rapid Responsiveness

Prior authorization support and direct outreach to prescribers