We help prescribers affect positive health outcomes.

BioMatrix provides collaborative service and support for prescribers of specialty medication.

We enable patients to successfully implement prescribed treatment plans while capturing actionable insights enhancing patient care.

Working with prescribers we provide patients with the education and tools to increase adherence and promote positive management of chronic or complex health conditions. With a wide breadth of therapeutic expertise, a nationwide network of expert nurses, an extensive portfolio of limited distribution drugs, and extensive experience as a 340b contract pharmacy, BioMatrix has the knowledge and the expertise to fully support both patient and prescriber.

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Our team knows how to properly handle and dispense specialty drugs. From cold chain technology and advanced packaging options, to specialized drug dispensing systems and complimentary ancillary supplies, we distribute specialty medications safely and efficiently. We educate patients on what to expect from their prescribed regimen, and how to properly store, handle, and administer their specialty drugs throughout treatment.

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Therapeutically Focused Clinical Assessments

We use therapeutically focused clinical assessments as a central component of our patient-centric model. Focused assessments allow our clinical team to provide individualized care, monitor side-effects, utilization, medication adherence, barriers to care, and overall response to therapy.

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Personalized Care Plans and Targeted Interventions

Therapeutically focused assessments allow our clinical team to create a personalized care plan for every patient targeted on success. Assessments, care plans, interventions, and additional important data are tracked by advanced clinical software that together, provides a complete picture of response to therapy.

From intake through delivery and beyond, we provide the medication, resources and support making a difference for those we serve.

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