BioMatrix Sequence Branding

Forward Thinking Technology
Measuring Therapeutic Response

BioMatrix Sequence™ is a web-based therapeutic data management and analytics program that is encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and MFA protected.

Sequence helps overcome the challenges currently faced by clinicians in data collection, aggregating lab results, and interpretation of patient’s overall clinical progress.

The program integrates patient data and information to help providers better understand the efficacy of transplant therapy.

Sequence combines drug therapy interventions with transplant center tissue typing, DSA information, and patient specific data. The results provide the transplant center with a global picture of the therapeutic impact and efficacy of prescribed medications. Providers can review graphs, nursing notes, lab results, and other data pertaining to therapy. All screens convert to PDF shareable documents for inclusion in the patient’s EMR.

In addition to individual patient information, clinicians can view and evaluate their transplant center’s response to various therapies for all organ types with desensitization, AMR, infection, and immunosuppressive therapy provided by BioMatrix. The benefit can positively impact living and deceased donation outcomes, as well as BioMatrix Paired Donation™ volume.

BioMatrix has the capability to manually collect or interface directly with the transplant center’s information system for all participating centers.

The Sequence Help Desk provides technical and clinical support for system access, data integration, retrieval, and questions.

Features of Sequence:

Transplant Center Dashboard and Metrics

  • Patient Referral, Authorization, and Treatment Status Tracking

  • Volume of Patients on Service by Therapy and Organ

  • Time to Transplant

  • Adverse Events Over Time

  • Patients Receiving Therapy with BioMatrix Paired Donation™

  • Aggregated Transplant Center Data Reports

Expanding Sequence Technology

  • New Disease States

  • Developing Pharmaceutical Portal

  • Enhanced Payor Portal

  • Expand Integration of HLA Lab Data

  • Deeper Integration with BioMatrix KPD Matching Software, MatchGrid

Sequence Help Desk

  • Expert Technical and Clinical Support

Recipient Dashboard

  • Cumulative Overview of Patient Therapy Received, Clinical Profiles, and Laboratory Data

  • Filtering Capability by Treatment, Organ, Service Status, and Transplant Status

Recipient/Donor Information

  • Patient and Clinical Profile

  • Laboratory Data Associated with Therapy Administered

  • HLA Data (Tissue Typing, PRA, cPRA, DSA) in Table and Graph Format

  • Transplant Event Data

  • UNOS Listing Information

  • Living, Deceased, or Paired Donation

  • Donor Data

  • Adverse Event Reporting

  • Post-Transplant Oral Compliance Assessments

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