Immunosuppressive Therapy Program

The BioMatrix Immunosuppressive Therapy Program is specifically designed to assist transplant centers in overcoming challenges in transplant patient care.

From pre-transplant through post-transplant and after discharge, our team of transplant professionals work with each center to develop a customized process focused on patient success.

The Immunosuppressive Therapy Program includes:

Post-discharge Icon

Post-discharge Dedication Reconciliation

Our pharmacists work with the transplant center prior to patient discharge to conduct a thorough medication reconciliation. This ensures HIPAA compliance and satisfies CMS, UNOS, and additional regulatory agency requirements.

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Continuous Monitoring of Post-discharge Care

Trained professionals use a weighted clinical assessment created by our interdisciplinary clinical transplant team. The assessment provides immediate feedback on the patient’s progress directly to the transplant center utilizing BioMatrix Sequence™.

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Targeted Patient Interventions

Our weighted clinical assessment tool includes questions that identify the patient’s level of adherence and uncovers additional issues or challenges that may be unrelated to drug therapy. This process determines the level of clinical intervention needed.

If an assessment determines that the patient is non-adherent, treatment is discontinued, and the transplant center is notified immediately. A home visit by a BioMatrix nurse may then be initiated to assess possible causes for non-adherence with findings reported back to the transplant center for potential intervention.

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