BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy offers comprehensive nationwide specialty pharmacy services and digital health technology solutions for a range of chronic health conditions.

Our growing family of companies unites leaders in the specialty pharmacy industry to improve health and empower patients to experience a higher quality of life.

The BioMatrix Family of Companies

Hemophilia + Bleeding Disorders

Our bleeding disorder program results in less frequent bleeding episodes, reduced number of infusions, and fewer emergency room visits. By pairing clinical expertise and peer based social support, BioMatrix increases quality of life and reduces overall healthcare costs. Our highly coordinated team provides customized care through close monitoring and individualized support for treatment adherence.

Transplant Therapy

We provide services that support the patient through every stage of their organ transplant, both before and after their new organ has been transplanted. Our pre-transplant therapeutic interventions, combined with our post-transplant management of immunosuppressive medication regimens, ensure patient compliance and adherence. When these services are paired with our proprietary digital health technology, we provide a complete representation of the patient’s response to therapy.

IVIG + Specialty Care 

BioMatrix provides care for patients across a range of therapeutic areas including neurology, immunology, gastroenterology, and oncology. The nature of these complex conditions require a highly-personalized model of care for optimal patient outcomes. As experts in the in-home administration of IVIG and other complex medications, our clinical team and support staff have the experience to help patients navigate and manage complicated medical conditions. We are also a trusted partner involved in a number of clinical trials supporting new therapies.  

Digital Health Technology

Our team is saving lives, improving health, and coordinating care through the unique application of digital health technology. Our Paired Donation, BiologicTx MatchGrid™, is a proprietary, HIPAA compliant, advanced enterprise software application that provides doctors and clinicians with the tools necessary to rapidly and accurately match living organs with patients who have willing, healthy, but incompatible donors. BiologicTx Sequence™ combines drug therapy interventions with a patient's medical history, providing a global picture of therapeutic impact and treatment efficacy. We believe in the power of applied digital health technology and use it to coordinate exceptional patient care, leading to improved outcomes and reduced cost.