BioMatrix has extensive experience with orphan, rare, and ultra-rare diseases.

We provide limited distribution drugs, customizable clinical management programs, and high levels of patient engagement to improve health outcomes for patients with complex medical conditions.

Our accredited, nationwide services include the clinical monitoring, tracking, and management tools required by today’s healthcare stakeholders with the individualized patient support that leads to increased adherence and improved health.

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Limited Distribution Arrangements

BioMatrix is a trusted provider of Limited Distribution Drugs for a range of specialty medications. Drug manufacturers may limit the distribution channel for their products. Limiting number of providers allows the manufacturer to ensure patients receive a high-level of service and support related to complex specialty medications. Our diverse portfolio of Limited Distribution Drugs is providing hope for patients with orphan, rare, and ultra-rare conditions.


Customizable Clinical Management Programs

We create customized programs improving outcomes along the healthcare continuum. Our integrated digital platform provides actionable, customizable data in real-time. This platform allows us to provide manufacturers, prescribers, and payers with reporting related to product performance, medication utilization, inventory management, and patient adherence.


Patient Engagement

BioMatrix connects with every patient to reduce barriers to care, increase adherence, and improve health. Our clinical team creates individualized care plans with input from patient and prescriber. Pharmacists and nurses provide targeted education and support services while managing medication access, administration, and monitoring side effects.

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